Demystifying Flute Headjoint Alignment

Are you a professional flute player and are tired of painstakingly aligning your headjoint every time you put your flute together? Or have you resorted to drawing guide-lines or dots in black marker on the headjoint and barrel of your flute for the quintessential set-up? Or are you simply a student that cannot replicate putting your flute together like your teacher did in your last lesson? Perhaps, you played in a masterclass and had a prominent teacher change the setup of your headjoint and your flute playing was transformed, yet you've found it difficult to duplicate on your own.

Having become completely obsessed with the proper set-up for both myself and my students of the headjoint position in relation to the body of the flute, I developed the PremAligner for flute players to demystify the goal of a consistent position every time one assembles their flute.

Beginners to professionals alike can benefit from the PremAligner as a simple and effective tool for flawless positioning of their flute headjoint, which can have a huge impact on response, intonation, projection, dynamics, tone colors, correct hand positioning and the overall ergonomics of the correct flute to body ratio. Most importantly, beginners will be able to align their flute headjoint properly after their first lesson!